Welcome to Our New Website

It is with great pleasure and elation that we are re-Launching this official website of the FreshChat Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Network. We (The FreshChat Staff Team) heartwarmingly WELCOME our friends, visitors and guests who take their time to “get-to know us” through this site. Thank you for visiting our site. Truly an honor!

Hopefully, the information you gathered about us will encourage and persuade you to join our wholesome and noteworthy “Chat Community.” Certainly, we value your presence and interactions with us, as we promote love, peace, friendship and camaraderie beyond boundaries regardless of race, gender, culture, beliefs, creed, religion, political affiliation and profession.

This website will serve as an avenue for information dissemination, guidance, and latest updates from FreshChat IRC network.  Rest assured, in this network, YOU are important to US. We will appreciate and commend the invaluable support you will extend to us with your presence and your expertise, in our chat community.  We treat each one as member of our “FreshChat Family”. Our staff are accommodating, friendly, and are ready to help and assist users in their predicaments, as long as it is within the bounds of our Network’s AUP.

At this point. I would like to express my profound gratitude to our friends, ‘friends-of -friends’, and regular users, for staying with us throughout the years of FreshChat IRC Network , flying alongside with other IRC Networks since March 4, 2014 and until now. May you continue to FLY with us in our IRC journey, now and beyond.

Moreover,  this site would have not been UP and RUNNING without the commendable gesture of  my good friend, Paul Vanderzee a.k.a Snerf  (developer of IceChat IRC Client) for re-building our network site which have been down for a number of months. My wholehearted thanks and appreciation to Snerf for his support to us in making our Network site presence  visible in the world wide web again. The FreshChat Staff are equally grateful to Snerf. Way to go and more power to you.

To All, kudos for Flying with Us!

Luv u all,


Founder, FreshChat IRC Network