Terms of Service


1. Do not disrupt the network or network services by attempting to impede the ability of IRC operators in maintaining the network services. This includes but is not limited to (Distributed) Denial of Service attacks (also known as DDOS), attempts to load a large number of clones onto the network, or flooding channels or users with either text or CTCP commands.

2. Harassment is not tolerated on the network. Penalties may include a warning, disconnection from the network, a network ban, or reporting the incident to the authorities. Harassment includes but is not limited to posting sexually explicit or graphic messages to channels without the permission of channel staff.

3. Channels which facilitate illegal activities will be closed by the network staff. Founder nicknames will be dropped and a k-line will be placed against the offending users. As a channel founder, it is your responsibility to ensure that users in your channel do not violate these terms of service

4. Large numbers of clones are not permitted on the network. There is a limit of 4 connections per IP address. If this limit is exceeded, additional connections will be blocked. If you have a legitimate need for large numbers of connections from the same IPs, you may join #Help to request an i-line and get details.

5.Trading of copyrighted material is strictly forbidden unless you are the copyright owner, you have a preexisting arrangement with the copyright owner, you are doing so under the terms of the license, or are distributing the materials under a GPL or compatible license. Trading unlicensed copyrighted materials will be met with an immediate network ban

6. Mass-registration of accounts is strictly forbidden for any reason. While this is on a case by case basis, you may be questioned if you have more than a reasonable number of accounts. You have the ability to register, or group multiple nicknames under one account.

7. Ban evasion is not permitted on our network. This includes attempting to circumvent channel bans or network bans. Those circumventing channel bans will be warned, and if repeated infractions continue, they will have a temporary network ban placed against them. For those evading network bans, we may attempt to contact your shell provider, VPN provider, or internet service provider to deny you the use of your service for abusive purposes.

8. Mass advertising, or spam as it’s known, is forbidden on the network. Spam can include but is not limited to pasting unsolicited links either to channels or private messages or mass inviting users to join channels.

9. Commercial activity includes but is not limited to attempting to use the network to sell products or     services. Assuming these products and services are legitimate, this activity is allowed. Channels known or believed to engage in scams to extort money from people will be frozen until the issue is resolved.

10.The use of services on our IRC network is not for sale. You are not permitted to sell your nicknames or channels, however you may give them away to other users if you so wish. People caught selling nicknames or channels will have their accounts frozen. Repeat offenders will be banned from the         network.

11. Network staff will generally not get involved with internal channel affairs unless they are the channel founder, or have operator access to the channel, or have obtained permission from the channel staff. Providing any assistance is at the discretion of the network staff. In general, you should consult with a channel’s operators for internal channel affairs. /msg ChanServ info #channel will provide you with a list of the channel’s owners with whom you may consult. Nothing in this section prohibits network staff from taking action in the event of ban evasion and jumping.

12. Remember to register any channel you wish to keep. Unregistered channels that aren’t empty may potentially be claimed by anybody who asks network staff for operator access.

13. FreshChat offers an optional VHost, or visual host, for all connections to the service. Custom VHosts may be requested from network staff. However, they will only be granted if your account is in good standing, the previous request was at least 60 days ago (except for the first request), it’s not obscene and objectionable, and the visual host is not a hostname that resolves or if it does, you can prove you own the domain.

14. We reserve the right to deny access to the network at any time and for any reason. Whenever possible, a reason will be provided to you, however we are under no obligation to do so.

15. The network uses an open proxy checker to check incoming connections against a blacklist. This check is completely harmless and can even inform you if you have an insecure machine. If you do not agree to this check, do not connect to FreshChat.

16. If you are banned from the network and wish to appeal your network ban, please send us an e-mail (admin freshchat (dot) org) with the following information:

The nickname used to connect, the ident used to connect, the IP address used to connect, the reason given for the k-line, and the time at which you first observed the k-line.

17. By connecting to FreshChat, you release us from any liability of damage or losses incurred by you through the use of this network. The network staff will never intentionally cause harm to any user of FreshChat.

18. These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time and without advance notice.  Continued usage of this network implies acceptance of these terms. If any part of these terms of service is deemed to be void by law or otherwise unenforceable, the remaining terms of service shall still remain in effect.