Acceptable Use Policy


The detailed rules for using FreshChat can be found on our terms of service page. The following is a brief summary of our rules:

  • Ban evasion is not allowed, including evading channel bans or network bans.
  • Harassment of other users is also not allowed.
  • You are allowed at most 3 connections per IP address to the network. If you need more, ask us about an exemption.
  • Pretending to be network staff or services is not allowed. Besides, it’s very easy to spot real network staff or services.
  • Friendly bots are allowed on the network.
  • Open proxies are not allowed on the network. If you don’t know what this means, you probably don’t need to worry about it.
  •  Account hoarding is not allowed. We allow two accounts per user, with five nicknames per account. We also allow five channels per account.
  •  We may close channels which predominantly feature topics such as racism or illegal activities. We also don’t allow the sharing of copyrighted material unless sharing under a GPL or Compatible license.
  • TOR exit nodes are not permitted to be used as connections. If you want to obscure or hide your IP address, consider using a bouncer.