Humble beginnings

Just as every company or organization has its own history, so does  FreshChat IRC Network. Its humble beginnings originated from three Internet Relay Chat (IRC) friends based in DALnet channels, who decided to hangout together  and create a new IRC Network named FreshChat IRC Network. These three  IRC users are Lady_Pinkpearl, Ritche and greeter.

To start the  preparation of the founding of the network, Lady_Pinkpearl provided the logistics, such as paying for the FreshChat Domain and a server named Seattle,  that was used  as the host of the Services of FreshChat IRC Network.


As agreed with common understanding, Lady_Pinkpearl was recognized as the Founder of FreshChat IRC Network with Ritche and greeter as Co-Founders, being in charge with running the services of the FreshChat Network.  Lady_Pinkpearl and Ritche  registered their nicks with Services on Feb 13 2014, and greeter on Feb 14 2014.  Then Ben joined the FreshChat Staff Team on Mar 02 2014  as Co-Founder too.  ALL the  three gentlemen are close friends of Lady_Pinkpearl, who were willing to share their expertise in running the network.

It  was on March 4, 2014 when the FreshChat IRC Network was officially launched for public operation. Charybds 2.0 was used as the IRCd with Atheme as its Services.